[1P8]Browser come in front — unlocking a vault with browser extension or 1P opened by the extension.

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  • The vault is locked (or manually locked in the app)
  • I need 1P to type a password
  • 1P asks to unlock the vault by popping in front of the screen a window asking for the password when I trigger the keyboard shortcut or if I click on the browser extension icon
  • This window comes in the front of the screen, which is great
  • But after unlocking the vault, 1P switches to Chrome and brings all Chrome windows in the front.

With 1P7, this was not the case.


  • 1P8 8.8.0
  • Chrome 1Password 2.3.7
  • macOS 12.5
  • Browser Chrome (or whatever browser)

Video showcase

Case 1:

  1. At the left, an random app window opened and behind it, a chrome guest window
  2. Trigger 1P with the keyboard shortcut (focus was in the browser)
  3. Type the password and unlock the vault
  4. The chrome guest window comes in the front. Expected: keep this random app window in the front

Case 2 begins at 0:32 in the video:

  1. Lock the vault
  2. Toggle to chrome
  3. Trigger 1P keyboard shortcut
  4. 1P windows comes front (and move anywhere as it does not memoize the window position)
  5. Close the window
  6. All chrome windows comes front like case 1. Expected: nothing more happens, other than closing the window.


All 1P Windows opened with the Chrome extension trigger all Chrome windows in the front of the screen.

Video : https://ufile.io/nc81px0p

1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: 2.3.7
OS Version: macOS 12.5
Browser:_ Chrome


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