Attachments stored in 1Password are not encrypted on local disk?

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I just realized that any/all attachments (pdf files) for example that are part of a 1Password item stored in the vault are NOT encrypted when stored on the local file system? I read in other similar forum posts, that these local files will get removed once 1Password is shutdown, but this does not seem to the case. See screen image and as an example.

Is what I have experienced, normal/expected behavior? I understand the logistics of having to store it locally unencrypted for a user to view it. I was just surprised that that potentially sensitive files survive a 1Password exit/quit process.

Not a great concern, but now that I know the behavior of 1Password, I will take this into account when attaching files containing sensitive information.

Can you please confirm that attached files inside of 1Password do (or do not) get deleted/removed when the app is shut down?

I suspect I will go through a cleanup process (after backup) to remove these files manually. Is there a suggest approach? Should I just delete the attachment from the app or is it safe to delete through a manual process or script--and if doing so, will 1Password take the manual deletion gracefully?

~ Tony

1Password Version: 7.9.6
Extension Version: 70906003
OS Version: 10.15.7
Browser:_ Chrome/Safari/Edge

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