How to reinstall 1Password 7 for Android?

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I have had serious issues with 1Password 8 on my Android device and need to reinstall version 7. Where can I download 1Password 7 for Android?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.


  • tezvienna
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    I confirm this, please give us a download for Android app v7.

  • alexmidd
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    Me too, please. 1Password 8 just does not work for me on my Mac, iPad and Android, so a way of going back to version 7 would be useful. Thanks.

  • ag_timothy
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    Hello @nfzambrano, @tezvienna, @alexmidd, I'm sorry to hear you're not enjoying 1Password 8 for Android. 1Password 8 is the way forward: with the recent release, our development efforts will be focused there. If you're running into any issues or have any feedback, just let me know!

    Currently, you can download 1Password 7 for Android with the Google Play account that was used to install it previously. If you're downloading 1Password for Android for the first time, or do not have access to the Google Play account that was used to download the app, 1Password 8 for Android will be available.
    1. Open Google Play Store on your Android device.
    2. Tap the account icon in the search bar and select the account used to install 1Password 7.
    3. From the same menu, tap Manage apps and device.
    4. Tap Manage.
    5. Tap the Installed drop down.
    6. Tap Not Installed.
    7. Search for and select 1Password.
    8. Tap Install.

  • joshhuggins
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    Whew! That helps, thanks Timothy!

  • SomebodySomewhere
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    Unfortunally, 1Password 7 is no longer at that spot.

    How can I find it on a other place?

    I want to drop down from 8.9.2. to 7.. because 8 doesn't work on my Samsung S8.

    Please help me, I can not log in anymore in my accounts etc.

  • Happy to help @joshhuggins.

    @SomebodySomewhere, was 1Password 8 crashing on an Android 9 device for you? If so, updating to the current version should resolve that issue. We've included a fix for the crash in 8.9.3. You can check the 1Password page of Google Play for updates as the new version rolls out to all users. If you're still running into any issues after updating, please let us know. Thanks again!

  • safercracker823456
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    Hi I just broke my smartphone and got an older used one for the time I am overseas (one more month); however it cannot download version 8 and says version 7 is no longer available, what should I do? (Android)

  • Hi @safercracker823456, I'm sorry to hear about your phone.

    If you have previously downloaded 1Password 7 for Android and have access to the Google Play account that was used to install it, you can continue to install 1Password 7 with the steps I shared above.

    If you have not previously installed 1Password 7 for Android and cannot download 1Password 8, you can access your items in the browser on

  • Hi thanks I didn't read it closely enough to realize this also applied to me (seems to be working).

  • Hi @safercracker823456, thanks for the update! Let us know if you run into any issues.

  • njyo
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    Hi @ag_timothy,

    I need to install 1Password 7 on a test device running Android 8.1.
    Yeah, I'm generally migrated over to 1P8, but this device I need to install the old version. I had not had it installed before, and using the web version is not really an option.

    Could you share the last 1P7 Android version somewhere on your website for legacy purposes?

    Much obliged.

  • Hi @njyo, I can't make any promises that this will be available but I'd be happy to pass your request along to the team.

  • njyo
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    Thanks, @ag_timothy

  • Happy to help!

  • MarcoPirazzoli
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    1password8 design is dreadful, and the fact you removed features is causing a huge stir.

    I'm going to switch back to 1p7 on both desktop and mobile, whilst waiting for my subscription to end and switch to something else.

  • Hi @MarcoPirazzoli, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    1Password 8 for Android is a new app with lots of updated features as well as completely new features currently in the works. That being said, I can certainly understand how frustrating it can be when something frequently used is changed or removed.

    I'm really sorry these changes have prompted you to leave 1Password. If you'd like to share any feedback regarding specific design or feature issues I would be happy to pass that along to the relevant teams. If there's anything else I can help with, just let me know!

  • MarcoPirazzoli
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    1p8 is like "windows vista" or "windows me" for Microsoft. Something they had to delete from history and forget, because designers created a product without considering asking the end users

  • Thanks for your additional input on this @MarcoPirazzoli. If you have any other comments or there's anything else I can assist with, just let me know and I would be happy to help!

  • mrwz
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    Hello, similar to other users, I am looking for a link for 1Password 7.

    I have a device that is not compatible with 1Password 8.

    I have never installed 1Password 7 so the advice about going to the previously installed apps does not apply.

    Could you please tell me where I can find 1Password 7?

    It would help others if you would post a link in this forum.

  • Hi @mrwz, thanks for your question.

    1Password 7 is now discontinued, and isn't supported any longer. If you have not previously downloaded 1Password 7 for Android, it is no longer available through the Google Play Store. A direct download of 1Password 7 for Android is not available.

    Android versions 8 and earlier have also been considered end-of-life by Google, and won't receive any more security updates. If your device cannot be updated to Android 9, you can access a 1Password account through the browser on

    Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like any further help.

  • wizzy
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    I have also got an older device - and moved here from LastPass - which has a compatible app for Android 7. I echo the request to make the older version available for download.

    No, I am not getting a new phone to use 1Password.

  • Thanks @wizzy. As mentioned, 1Password 7 for Android is no longer available if you have not previously installed the app. I do not anticipate we will be resuming support for this app but I would be happy to share your request with the team. Thanks again!

  • LosInvalidos
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    Not being able to install 1Password 7 on Android without having it installed previously must be a bad joke, right?

    I installed via Aurora Store, so blame me for not signing into Google Play Store with an account.

    No interest in switching to 1Password 8 - thank you but no thank you.

    Guess this is what happens when companies like Iconiq Growth featuring Justin Timberlake invest into software companies. smh 😢

  • Thanks for writing in @LosInvalidos. I'm sorry the availability of 1Password for Android doesn't suit your needs and I can understand your frustration.

    1Password 7 for Android has reached end of life and is no longer receiving any update. For that reason, as well as the new options available with 1Password 8, we recommend making the switch to the new app. I'll also note that we cannot ensure the authenticity or security of 1Password for Android if it is installed outside the Google Play Store.

    If you'd like to share any feedback about 1Password 8 for Android I would be happy to pass that along to the team. We are continuing to add new features as well as enhance existing ones, and we are always receptive to feedback.

    Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Let us know if there's anything we can help with.

  • LosInvalidos
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    Understood. Moved to KeePass.

  • We're sorry to see you go @LosInvalidos. If we can help with anything, or you'd like to try 1Password again in the future please feel free to contact the team here.