Multiple accounts with 1Password 8

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I have just upgraded from 1Password 7 to 8 and I'm sad to say it has been another frustrating experience, as it was when upgrading to 1Password 7 as well.

I'm using two accounts with 1Password and previously I had it set up so one account was used as the main one and I could unlock the vaults with that master password. I could then use passwords from both accounts in the browsers as well. As I am a web developer I am using several different browsers.

Now, in 1Password 8, when I enter the same master password only one vault unlocks and I have to manually open up the other one and enter that master password. Furthermore, in all browsers only the first account is unlocked. Which means I have to do the following to get both accounts unlocked for every browser: Open the 1Password extension settings, go to Accounts & Vaults, click "Manage Account" which sends me to, sign in over there.

There must be an easier way to manage multiple accounts/vaults. Am I doing this wrong?

1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: 2.3.7 (Chrome & Firefox)
OS Version: macOS 12.3.1
Browser:_ Chrome & Firefox (mainly)


  • ruudwelten
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    Ah, I see I have missed the other topic about the exact same issue when searching for it:

  • Hello @ruudwelten! 👋

    I'm happy that you were able to find the other thread. You can unlock multiple 1Password accounts at the same time when you use the same account password for each account: How to use multiple accounts

    Let me know if you have any questions. 😊

  • nickjbedford
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    I'd like to also add my dissatisfaction with the unlocking situation in 1Password 8. Advising people to use the same password for personal and work accounts is terrible advice. I'm a software/web developer and understand the ins and outs of secure coding, encryption and passwords.

    Not everyone has Touch ID to enable multi-unlock, and no one should ever use the same master password for multiple accounts. This violates everything 1Password stands for. But having a regression in user experience like this and not listening to the feedback, claiming that you know better, is really disappointing. This helpful time-saving feature existed in several previous versions of the software.

    At least you could provide it as an opt-in setting to allow one account (designated by the user) to unlock the others.

    It's quite easy to implement as far as I'm concerned. One primary account password encrypts the passwords to the secondary accounts, and auto-unlocks them when you provide the primary password.

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