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I just switched to 1 password 8 and I can no longer fill in passwords and user names in apps or websites. There used to be a 1password icon above the keyboard and it is no longer there. As it is 1 password is useless to me as is. I will have to cancel my monthly subscription if I can not resolve this. Please help.


  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @dmurray8399:

    Which device are you having trouble with 1Password on? It sounds like you might be on an iPhone, is that right? If you're on an iPhone, if you open the Settings app on your phone, then choose Passwords > AutoFill Passwords, is 1Password enabled there? If 1Password isn't enabled there, enable it and let me know if that improves things.


  • dmurray8399dmurray8399
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    Yes my iPhone. I opened settings and selected auto fill but there is nothing there to enable or select

  • mrinermriner
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    1Password8 needs some immediate fixes, besides the ability to chose a preferred vault when saving or updating a new password. The quick access option needs to also be able to work off a preferred vault instead of offering up suggested entries from all vaults, or it needs to identify the vault the suggested entry comes from. The extension drop down menu does not always show the password generator and other options unless you are on a web log in page.

  • ag_tommyag_tommy

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    Try creating a collection with Quick Access. Use collections to create custom groups of vaults You can set a collection with Quick Access by clicking the 1Password icon.

    Have you set a default saving vault in the browser? Right-click on the icon in the browser toolbar and select settings from there select the general tab and specific the desired vault.

  • mrinermriner
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    Re save new items, the right click option works, thanks. However, custom groups of vaults in Quick Access does not really work to limit the quick access website options to a single preferred vault.

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