Feature request: App state restoration

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I'd like either a change to the default behavior, or an option to change behavior, such that when 1Password is launched after being backgrounded, it loads a page other than the last viewed state.

Current behavior: On first launch (after forcing quit and ejecting saved state), 1P shows "Favorites" tab. However, if I view details for, say, a login, upon next load regardless of the length of time since I last used 1P, 1P will display the details for that login, where it would be a safe assumption that if I last used 1P 6 hours ago, I'm now there to retrieve a different login.

This current behavior is fine if you're switching quickly back and forth between an app and 1P and need to view that particular Login's info in 1P multiple times in quick succession, but often, I'll get what I need from 1P, and not return to 1P until I need a different Login or piece of info. When I return to 1P, either via the multitasking bar or by relaunching the app from my home screen, I will be prompted for my master password (assuming the set time for autolock has elapsed), and after unlocking I'll be greeted with the info of the Login that I was done with 3 hours ago.

I'm doing a poor job of explaining this request, but here's my issue: I find that it's easier to A: launch Drafts or Launch Center Pro, type the search term ("Fever") for the login info that I want from 1P, use an action that utilizes 1P's search URL scheme, then unlock 1P, than it is to B: launch 1P, unlock, see my login info for Pinboard that I used yesterday when what I want now is my Fever password, hit Categories, tap in search field, enter search term ("Fever").

I hope this makes sense. Maybe "If 1P autolocks, when I launch it again, I want to see: my last view, a search box, my favorites, or all items".
That is hideously worded, but something along those lines would be great.

1Password 4.2.2RC2 on iPhone5 MD638LL/A running iOS 7.0 (11A4400f) aka beta 2.

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