Support for Unverified Browsers

Hi there everyone,

as far as I understood / know, the 1Password Extension within the browser tries to communicate to the desktop app (at least on macOS). The desktop app then verifies the requesting browser and therefore "filters" the supported browsers e.g. Chrome, Firefox, etc. and dismisses requests from self-build browsers like Chromium.

Yet I would love to see any option, to add an unverified browser to 1Password. For example when Chromium with the 1Password extension tries to communicate with the desktop app, the desktop app then could show up some pane / option to manually trust the Chromium browser to communicate with the desktop app.

Something like the macOS process of trusting some developer by going into "Security" > "General" > Then you sometimes have to manually trust a developer in order to start the app. That would be a great addition in my opinion since the default secure behavior of 1Password isn't harmed in any way yet some users would be able to not always type in there very long master-passwords in order to use the 1Password extension.

Any opinions or already given statements I couldn't find?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS
Browser:_ Ungoogled Chromium


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