Had to downgrade from version 8 back to version 7...

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... because version 8 does not support local vaults anymore.

I do have a cloud synced account, and most of my passwords are in the cloud.
HOWEVER: there are subsets of passwords that I am required to keep on an encrypted virtual disk, and out of the cloud!, by various security regulations.

With version 7 I am creating a local vault and store it on that encrypted disk. That way I can access the credentials as long as I am working on the PC where I need those.

Note: I do not have a need to sync those local vaults anywhere. The point is, apart from keeping them in a separate vault (separate application is not a requirement!), exactly to NOT sync those special credentials to the cloud,.

I was shocked to see that those vaults do not work anymore with V8, after I did an upgrade- so I had to uninstall V8 and "downgrade" back to V7.
And now I will not only be stuck with V7 until 1password will add local vaults back, I also constantly get those nagging "upgrade to version 8" notifications- that I won't be able to comply with.

Dear 1password developers, please bring this feature back!

As long as V7 keeps working, I have at least a workaround- but if you decide to stop support for V7, and not add this feature to V8, I will be forced to look for another product.

P.S: I could of course use an alternative product only for those special password- but I do not want to shuffle two PW managers simultaneously, as they will always get in each others way, e.g. with browser autofill etc..

1Password Version: 7.9.832
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Win 10
Browser:_ Not Provided


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    How did you downgrade? We currently have the same problem :(

  • Hi @PopMahone:

    Standalone vaults are no longer a part of 1Password. One of our founders, Dave, wrote about the journey we've had with them, and why they cannot continue into the future here:

    The future of local/standalone vaults


    Which devices do you have? 1Password 7 is available from our downloads page for macOS and Windows. 1Password 7 for iOS can be redownloaded from your purchase history in the App Store.


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