iOS 6 requirement supports iPhone 3GS or later

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Hi team,

I buy this application and i have phone 4 in iOS 5.1.1, this application run in iOS 6 only why? Please support!!!


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    Good question, @hackertom. It would be nice if Apple went back to previous versions of iOS and added all the new features and APIs from the new version, but then the old version would become the new version and there would be no need to do that. :)

    There are iCloud API improvements in iOS 6 and also the new UICollectionView and UIActivityView classes that 1Password 4 is using that simply don't exist prior to iOS 6. There are other reasons as well, but those are just a couple of the specific classes that 1Password 4 requires and iOS 5 does not provide.

    The good news is that iOS 6 runs on iPhone 4, so you can use 1Password 4 on iOS 6 on your iPhone 4. iOS 6 even runs on iPhone 3GS. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns. We are always here to help. :D


  • i hated ios 6 because its just absolute shit really, surely people agree :P

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    Well, I can't argue with your personal opinion. It's your personal opinion. We think iOS 6 is pretty awesome, though, because of all the new APIs Apple provided in it. It's also pretty awesome because 1Password 4 is available for it. But you are free to disagree. :)

  • can you give me back my money ?

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    From the money back guarantee page on our website:

    Please email us and provide your App Store receipt:

    [email protected] agilebits .com

    As we do not operate the App Store we are unable to refund your money directly. Our intrepid customer support team will be happy to explain the options available to you.

    We look forward to receiving your email and making sure you are completely satisfied. :)


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