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Hi all,
I could use help thinking through what is likely a common family setup: I am the account owner who administers 1password for my (extended) family. My parents are not especially tech literate, so I'm trying to help dummy proof their account.

Goal: Make a singular, default vault where my parents save all of their passwords, that I have access to on the rare instance I need it, but it doesn't get in my way daily.


  • When my parents save an item (Login, note, identity, etc.) using the desktop or browser plugin, it should save in the shared Vault
  • It should be impossible, or at least not easy, for my parents to accidentally save things to the wrong Vault; my parents don't understand Vaults, and shouldn't have to worry about Vaults
  • Items in my parents' Vault (which is shared with my account, for occasional access needs) shouldn't show up in my items list in the app, or be offered as autofill options in the browser/apps

Can I get some advice on how best to achieve this?

Closest I've gotten:

  • Creating a Collection for my parents that just has the shared Vault in it, as long as they have that Collection selected items will default to saving in the right Vault... but if they log in on a new device, or presumably get logged out / other unexpected things occur like software updates, they would need to know to re-select the correct Vault, which would confuse them
  • Creating separate Collections for me, one for my personal Vault, one for all my family shared Vaults, keeps the shared items hidden when I'm in the app browsing my own Collection (good), but family shared items are still offered for autofill in the browser -- e.g. when I go to Google, all of my family members' gmail credentials are offered as an autofill option, instead of just mine (which is what I'd want). Perhaps there's a way to just... only sync one collection / Vault? I theoretically thought travel mode could maybe be hacked to achieve this, but hoping there's a more elegant solution?


1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Mac
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • _B__B_
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    Just wanted to bump this up and see if there is any insight from the 1P team? Thanks!

    Especially the very last bullet in the original post...

    Is there any way to keep certain Vaults (i.e. Shared ones) from autocompleting logins in my browser? Just because I can see my parents' Vault, to be able to help them from time to time, doesn't mean I want their logins getting in my way every time I'm on a website. Especially for sites with non-obvious logins... e.g. when I go to a website that uses member numbers for sign in, I don't know whether 2957291 or 2049289 is my account, or my parents, so its easy to accidentally log into the wrong one.


  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

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    Hi there! I can help you with this.

    I'll come to your last point first, since that's the one you've bumped. You can set 1Password in the browser to only offer suggestions from a particular vault by following these steps:

    1. Right-click 1Password's icon in your browser's toolbar and click Settings. For example, it looks like this in Chrome:


    1. At the bottom of Settings, in the "Accounts & Vaults" section, uncheck any vaults you don't want to appear when autofilling.

    To answer your other point, I think you're doing the right thing by limiting the vault which is visible by using a Collection. It's a pretty deliberate action to leave the current collection and go to All Accounts, for example, so they would have to go a bit out of their way to get lost, if that makes sense. Software updates to 1Password on a desktop computer shouldn't change the active view, but on the off-chance that that does happen, you could tell your parents to "look for the 1Password icon in the top-left corner, and click it, then click [name of the collection you've made for them]." The settings for 1Password in the browser wouldn't be reset, so autofilling tasks would be exactly the same. At most, they would have a couple of clicks in the actual 1Password app to put themselves back in the right place.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like any further help, and I look forward to hearing how you (all!) get on. :)

    — Grey

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