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I am trying to get the Title of any item I am using powershell which works well for New items so its not a permissioning thing . Script goes like this after I have successfully logged in using
invoke-Expression to sign in.

$tkn = id the UUID of item
$emi = Title

op item get $tkn --fields $eml

also tried

op item get $tkn Title


  • andi.t_1Pandi.t_1P

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    Hi @Corval. You could always try using op read <secret_reference> for getting specific fields inside an item. In your case, the secret reference for the title would be op://<the_vault_of_the_item>/<the_UUID_of_item>/title. Then op read op://<the_vault_of_the_item>/$tkn/$emi should do the trick.

    Hope I could help,

  • CorvalCorval
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    Thanks worked a treat .

  • andi.t_1Pandi.t_1P

    Team Member

    Great! Glad I could help!

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