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I think I tried to install PW8 a couple of months ago and ran into problems, but not sure.

If I try to install 1PW8 on my MBPro, will it automatically install on my other devices?
I'm running 1PW7 on my MBPro, iPhone, Windows computer and iPad Pro. If not and I can't install 1PW8 on these other devices, can I continue to run 1PW7 on my other devices?

Disregarding support, will 1PW7 crater in say the next 5 years?

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  • ShotGun4me
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    Re my question above, AFAIK all my devices have the latest operation software on them.

  • Hi @ShotGun4me:

    1Password 7 will not automatically update to 1Password 8, even after installing it on one of your other devices.

    We don't have an official end date for 1Password 7, but we'd recommend updating to 1Password 8 when you have a chance.


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