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My wife and I share a laptop when travelling, she uses it primarily for work when at home, and I have my own PC at home.

The issue arises that when travelling we use only one MS account on the Laptop (seeming that drive space and performance are limited on the laptop) it would be more usable for 1Password to have the functionality to logout/login with our personal accounts, rather than there being just tied to the one account on the Laptop. I do understand the functionality of private/shared, but as the laptop is primarily my wife's, and of course 1password is logged in with her account, then I either have to get her to login to 1Password for me or I would have to know her 1Password credentials when she is not around, which seems counterintuitive with regards to the security enabled by 1Password.

Can the addition of this functionality please be reconsidered, as it seems reading the multiple threads regarding this it is a much sought after change.

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