Git commit signing - can't find op-ssh-sign

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I have followed the developer instructions for setting up git commit signing.

In this section, step 2 tells me to click the three dots and select Configure Commit Signing and shows a screenshot of the window you should see.

I do not have that option in my three-dots menu when viewing my SSH Key:


I also found this video, which shows a Next Step: Sign Your Git Commits message when viewing an SSH Key in 1Password. But I don't see this message either.

Instead, I used the config from this section and manually entered it into my .gitconfig.

But when I try to commit a change, I get the following error:

fatal: cannot run /Applications/ No such file or directory

Looking in the MacOS directory, there is only one file in there called 1Password.

Any ideas?

1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: 2.3.7
OS Version: macOS 12.5.1
Browser:_ Chrome


  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @fusionfox:

    Thanks for reaching out! Are you on the current version of 1Password 8 for Mac (currently 8.9.4)? You'll need that version or later in the stable channel for this to work. If you check for updates and try again, does everything work as expected? Let me know.


  • fusionfoxfusionfox Junior Member
    Community Member

    Hi Jack!

    I was using version 8.8.0 - just updated to 8.9.4 and it seems to all be working as expected now 🙂

    I was sure I'd checked for updates, feel a bit silly now!

    Then again, the release notes for 8.9.4 are dated as today, so perhaps it was just bad timing on my part.

    Thanks for the help, I'm a long-time user and I'm loving the improvements and new features 👍

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