1PW on my iPhone doesn't fill in the information automatically

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What am I doing wrong? Ever since I downloaded 8.9.3, I haven’t to my iPhone I haven’t been able to auto-fill any accounts.

I’m trying to get into my Bank of America account. (I have their app, but I’m using this as an example.) When I click on the link in 1PW it takes me to their login page.

Then I click into the Login area and I see the 1PW logo above the keyboard and I tap it.

From there, it takes me to this page. With 1PW 7, it filled in my information on its own.

If I try to search for Bank of America or for staticweb.bankofamerica.com nothing comes up.

Your help is appreciated.


1Password Version: 8
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 15.16.1
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @RCMjr:

    Thanks for reaching out! It seems like 1Password 8 may not be enabled as your AutoFill provider. Open the Settings app on your iPhone, then tap Passwords > AutoFill Passwords. Make sure 1Password is selected in the Allow Filling From: section.

    Let me know how you get on with that!


  • RCMjrRCMjr
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    Hi Jack.P_1P,

    Yes, that worked. Thank you.

    Let me ask you another question. When I'm in a coffee shop I don't log on to a bank account, let's say, because I don't want someone to be able to pick up my password because of the network I might be using. Does the same rule hold for using 1PW? If I use the app to autofill my info, is that the same as me entering myself? I assume the answer is yes, but I don't know for certain.


  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

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    By the time you're on the sign-in page for a website, including your bank, your connection to that website is almost always encrypted already. The only information someone monitoring your activity specifically would ever know is what website you're requesting, but none of what's happening between the two of you. Even then, someone would have to target your connection individually; they wouldn't just get that information passively by sitting in the same coffee shop. It's like knowing what phone number someone has dialled, but not being able to eavesdrop on the call itself.

    A lot of public Wi-Fi networks keep all their users separate anyway, so that everyone "stays in their lane" and can only talk to the internet, rather than to each other. This helps mitigate against any malicious activity like that as well.

    If you see the 🔒 padlock in your browser's address bar, you know that the connection can't be eavesdropped. At that point, it's perfectly safe to autofill your details because only you and your bank (or whatever website it is) can see it.

    I hope that helps, but if you have any questions, I'll be happy to answer them. :)

    — Grey

  • RCMjrRCMjr
    Community Member

    Thanks @GreyM1P

  • Dave_1PDave_1P

    Team Member


    I'm happy that Grey was able to answer your question. 😊

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