Will there come a day when I can pay in a currency other than dollars?

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Due to the recent sharp appreciation of the dollar, the price in Japanese yen of 1password has increased considerably, making payment much more difficult.

Will there be a day in the future when I can sign up for 1password in a currency other than dollars? Also, are there any plans to do so?

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  • Hi @anemone:

    Great question! If you create a 1Password account directly through us on 1Password.com (or our Canadian or European region, 1Password.ca / 1Password.eu) you'll be billed in the respective currency for that region, USD, CAD, or EUR.

    If you create your 1Password account using 1Password for iOS or 1Password for Android, you can use in-app purchases, which may convert to Japanese yen more favorably for you. Let me know.


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