Firefox vs. Safari 1password functionality

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I'm in the process of testing Firefox on macOS prior to making the move from Safari.

In Safari, with 1password 7 and the extension, when I open a website that I've saved credentials to, if I click in the user ID field, I'm prompted by the 1pw extension with the username, I can select it, and the user & pw are filled in for me. Fantastic! That's the behavior I want and have grown used to since 1password4.

In Firefox I have the choice of "1 password extension (desktop app required)" or "1 Password - Password manager".

1 password extension (desktop app required) eg "Classic"- works with my existing local vault, but I have to click the 1password icon in the toolbar, then click autofill in the 1password interface before the credentials are filled in.

1 Password - Password manager - prompts me to login with a account.

I've found various threads about "1 password X" being "the future" in terms of development effort, etc. and at least 1 thread that suggests that 1 password X will autofill by clicking the userid field on a website, instead of having to access it via the toolbar.

But I can't find a 1 password X extension for Firefox. Am I looking in all the wrong places?

Or is the "1 Password - Password manager" extension an evolution/current version of 1 password X, and if so, how can I have access to this functionality?

1Password Version: 7.9.6
Extension Version: & 2.3.7
OS Version: 12.5.1
Browser:_ Firefox
Referrer: forum-search:1 password firefox mac integration


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