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iOS app crash on startup during FaceID

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I am getting a crash several times a day, when I open the 1Password iOS app. It starts to do FaceID, and I see the animation but then the app exits. I am sending a diagnostic report, in case that is helpful.

1Password Version: 8.9.5
Extension Version: ?
OS Version: iOS 16.0(20A362)
Browser:_ Safari


  • mirvmirv
    Community Member

    Support ticket from the diagnostic report is #WQC-29635-113.

  • Hey @mirv :

    I apologize for the trouble you've experienced with the app crashing. Since you've also sent us an email about this, I'm going to close this thread to avoid duplicating our efforts. I've sent a reply via email.

    Thanks so much!


    ref: WQC-29635-113

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