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I wish 1Password could share a cloned login with family members so that if I update it in Private, then every vault I've shared the login with updates automatically.

I can move a login to another vault, but (1) I can't move it to multiple vaults & (2) that login is no longer in Private.

I can copy a login to multiple vaults, but (1) 1Password scolds me for reusing a password & (2) if I modify that login, then I have to update every instance manually.

Am I overlooking something?


  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

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    Hi @PaoloBulldog

    If you'd like everyone to have access to an up-to-date version of a Login, then it should probably live in the Shared vault. Everyone can see it and use it, and make changes. (Those changes can be rolled back if necessary, so don't worry!)

    Share passwords with your family

    When you said, "that login is no longer in Private", that's quite right. Can I ask you what your concern is here? You'll be able to use all items in all vaults to which you have access, so for purposes such as autofill, it won't matter which vault the item is in. I look forward to hearing from you, so I can help you further with this.

    — Grey

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