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How do you recover an accidentally deleted vault on iOS? Migration instructions stink.

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Have both v.7 and v.8 on iPhone (iOS 16). Somewhere on 1PW website said OK to delete vaults on v.7 after migration. Nope. Vaults also deleted on v.8. HELP! How do I recover deleted vaults? Don't show up in my account on the website either.

1Password Version: 8.9.5
Extension Version: 8.9.5
OS Version: iOS 16.0
Browser:_ Safari
Referrer: forum-search:migration


  • Hi @JaxGirl:

    To confirm, is this a 1Password.com vault that's been deleted? If that's the case, then there generally isn't any way of recovering it. With that said, if you have a device where the 1Password app hasn't been opened and unlocked since the vault deleted, the vault may still be accessible there.

    If you do have a device with 1Password on it that you haven't opened and unlocked recently, please turn on Airplane Mode or similar on that device to prevent it from contacting 1Password.com.

    Please reach out to us via email directly at [email protected] as well. Include your username JaxGirl and a brief summary of what's going on, and we'll do our best to help you with this.


  • JaxGirlJaxGirl
    Community Member

    In a nutshell: Both 1PW 7 and 1PW 8 are on my iPhone 11. When 1PW 8 was downloaded and stuff migrated from 1PW 7, I assumed (apparently wrongly) that it was okay to delete info/vaults in 1PW 7. Nope. In the meantime, I recreated my Travel vault in 1PW 8.
    Final question: Can 1PW 7 app be deleted from my phone and not screw up the 1PW 8 app and its info??? Desperately need to know before I pick up my new iPhone 14 Pro on Friday. Doing app housecleaning before then.

  • Kakkoister2Kakkoister2
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    @JaxGirl Yes you can remove 1PW7 from your phone, since you have 1PW 8 installed.

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