How can I verify the master password.

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I’m not sure what my master password is?
What account do I login to to verify?
I believe it is one of two stored in 1password and i want to test it
So I can update my emergency kit and delete it from 1password.

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  • pdracepdrace
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    If I log in with my family name, I get prompted for my secret key and password.
    Is that where the master password is used?

  • pdracepdrace
    Community Member

    So the master password is my login password from what I’ve found.
    Next question? Can it be changed?

  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

    Team Member

    Hi @pdrace – I'm glad to hear you've solved that conundrum! You can change your 1Password account password by following the instructions shown here:

    How to change your 1Password account password

    You'll only see the phrase "Master Password" used in older versions of 1Password. Sometimes, the password used to unlock 1Password on your device wouldn't be the same as your account password and it could get a bit confusing. Now, we just say "account password" because it's the same everywhere, on all your devices, and on Hope that helps clear up any confusion about it, but please let me know if you have any questions, or would like any further help. :)

    — Grey

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