Is there an easy way how to reset 2FA binding without full recovery?


Hi guys,

Is there a more easy way how to redo a 2FA on a user without completely going into recovery?

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  • ag_max
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    Hi @eingfoan,

    At the present, if you're part of a business account where two-factor authentication is enforced, and if a team member or guest cannot sign in to their account within an already authorized browser where they're not asked for their 2FA code, the only option for them is to go through account recovery.

    If your account is not enforcing 2FA as a requirement, and if your users can sign in to the 1Password apps, they may be able to turn off 2FA manually.

    There's an internal issue in our system for adding the ability to reset a user's 2FA credentials outside of recovery, which I've updated with your comments. This should help our product and development teams better track interest and see if a better workflow can be introduced.

    ref: IDEA-I-689

  • Christian_XYZR
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    I also see value there

  • Thanks for mentioning this, @Christian_XYZR -- I've also added your voice to the feature request.

    ref: IDEA-I-689

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