Can't migrate to version 4

I use 1P on my iphone only and purchased the upgrade to version 4. When I was prompted to import data I declined because I wanted to make sure my data was backed up from version 3. I have never used Dropbox syncing and now I can't figure out how to import my data so I can start using IP 4.


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    Hi Jenn,

    Good question. The import will not merge data, so you'll only be prompted on first run. If you wish to clear any data in 1Password 4 and import from 1Password 3, you can remove 1Password 4 and reinstall it from the App Store.

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

  • I had the same problem. I've deleted and reinstalled 1P4 but it didn't ask me again for import.

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    Sorry to hear this, @JPires. This will remove any data you have in 1Password 4, so please do be sure that is what you want to do. This is not reversible.

    1. Delete 1Password 4 from your iOS device.
    2. Reset your 1Password data on iCloud.
    3. Reinstall the 1Password app from the App Store using the same account with which you originally purchased it.

    That should get you a clean slate and the ability to import, but please do let me know if you still need help or have any more questions!

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