The contact form on your website is not working

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The contact form is not submitting requests on any web browser. Please fix this issue.

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  • Hi @supportme

    Sorry to hear you've had trouble with the contact form. I've just submitted a test support request and that worked successfully. Did you see any error messages when you tried using it?

    If you'd like to give it another go, please do, or contact us by email directly at We'll be happy to help either way.

    If your question isn't confidential, you can post it here and I'll be able to help you here instead. :)

    — Grey

  • supportme
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    It is working now, thanks. However, support has been deliberately made difficult to access, for a premium priced product that's disappointing. When someone has to go through the extensive process of signing up for accounts, e.g. Twitter, or this forum simply to get support for a product they've paid for, you have no idea the amount of frustration and ill-will that creates.

    I had to post to this forum with no idea if anyone will ever look or respond to what I've written. In the case of my other (original) post, they haven't - 1Password is the only software that basically brings my M1 Mac to a screeching halt, video or photo editing doesn't do it, 1Password, where I'm simply trying to enter a password onto a website will do it.

    Mega-congratulations for being one of the few apps that has achieved that feat!

    Imagine Apple demo'ing their new MacBook Air with how easy it is to do video editing without any lags, and then they go to enter a password on a website like and it freezes up the entire system!

  • @supportme

    I'm sorry to hear that support can sometimes seem difficult to access. As Grey mentioned, you can directly reach our support team at any time by sending an email to

    That being said, I've passed along your feedback to the team. 🙂

    1Password certainly shouldn't be slowing down your M1 Mac and it sounds like something is going wrong on your Mac. I see that you've also written in via email and I've responded to you there. To prevent duplication of effort I'm closing this thread.

    ref: QKQ-48228-631

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