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Can we please get an automated dark mode for this community site? Anytime I come here after dark I blow out my retinas.

I see that this exists on the desktop version of the site but not on the mobile version for some odd reason.

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  • pappjopappjo
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    I agree with you but I’m usually here on my iPad Pro and dark mode is active. On my phone as you noted it is not but I use an app on both - Noir - that can add a dark mode to most sites if they don’t have a native one. I use it all the time and have been extremely pleased, its activation can be customized quite a bit so that it triggers when and where you want it to.

  • AMonitorDarklyAMonitorDarkly
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    @pappjo Thanks! I’ll check that out.

  • pappjopappjo
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    It’s funny I was reading your post on my iPad Pro which is displaying the site in dark mode but I couldn’t find a setting on the site itself for this. I looked everywhere I could but couldn’t find it.

    The Noir app is not active on the 1Password site so on my phone the site is displayed as is. I’m leaving it that way on my phone, on my big iPad Pro screen the site would be blinding if a dark mode wasn’t active. But I still can’t find where that setting is located.

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