Google Workspace SCIM integration - sync not working after intial sync

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Hi, I setup successfully the Google Workspace SCIM integration on GCP GKE with SCIM bridge 2.6.0.
When I add or remove groups from the SCIM bridge Admin UI a full sync is triggered and things work as expected - i.e. groups are being created/deleted and members of groups are added/removed.
However if I afterwards add/remove a member from a Google Group, the SCIM bridge never seems to get notified of the group change in Google workspace and hence never updates the corresponding 1password group. I've tried this in various forms, looked at the SCIM bridge logs etc. but I can't find anything suspicous. Also note that I've waited over 18h and some members I added to a google group are still not added in the corresponding 1password group.

Could you please assist on how to troubleshoot this? Anything in particular I can look in the logs? How is a sync supposed to be triggered?
I also wonder what is the expected time delay - i.e. how quick is a change in google group supposed to be reflected in 1password if things are working?


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  • timchamberstimchambers
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    @geekflyer I tested adding an existing Google Workspace (GW) user to an existing group, and the corresponding user was added to the corresponding group in 1Password automatically as expected. Per your note in my other thread, I don't think I'm experiencing the issue you mentioned. The issues I described above seem to happen only when the capitalization of the email address of the user in GW differs from the user in GW.

  • geekflyergeekflyer
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    @timchambers cool thanks for your experience! I wonder how long did it take until the user was visible in 1pw? Was it kind of immediate (like less 30 than seconds?)?

  • timchamberstimchambers
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    @geekflyer Yes, less than a minute for sure. Probably less than 30 seconds between when I added the user to the group and when I checked in 1Password.

  • hemal.g_1phemal.g_1p

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    Hello @geekflyer ,

    Thank you for the question.
    Happy to know you are able to perform SCIM integration with recent released version.

    My pleasure to assist you.
    I appreciate the efforts you put in around investigation. Though the scenario you mentioned is strange and should not take place. I assume the moment you perform changes in Google group, you are maintaining authenticated connection with your SCIM bridge.

    Sync between Google workspace Groups and 1Password account happens every 24 hours. But there is no time delay for reflecting changes in your 1Password account. Changes being made from Identity provider by push notification happens immediately. If you are not seeing changes immediately its probably something wrong with push notifications. It would be great if you can download logs from SCIM Ui and attach here for diagnosis.

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