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how do i access my archive list for previous pw for an entry in my personal vault?

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I am not able to access my archive vault list to find a previous pw for a record or entry like 'amazon. I can't find this... _****** Open the vault that contains the item you want to revert to a previous version. Select the item, and click “View item history”. Items are sorted by date with the most recent version at the' . _*****

1Password Version: Not Provided
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  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

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    Hi @redrancher

    Those instructions are from the section of View and restore previous versions of items which deals with restoring a previous version of an item, for example, if you needed to undo a change.

    If you're just looking for a previous password for a Login, you can click the 🔽 down arrow on the Password field, then click "View password history", like this:


    If an item is in the Archive, you can click the Archive in the sidebar of 1Password and right-click the item to choose "Restore item", as you'll see here: To restore an archived or recently deleted item. You can do the same thing in a slightly different way on

    Hopefully that all helps, but if you run into any trouble, let me know and I can help you further. :)

    — Grey

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