Firefox Relay Integration with 1Password

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The title pretty much says it all. It would be great to see 1Password integrate with Firefox Relay in the same way that it already does with Fastmail to be able to generate and save email masks for new logins seamlessly. Not sure how much would go into that, but I hope I'm not alone in that want!

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  • ag_mike_d
    edited September 2022

    Hello @dylbohn,

    Thanks for your interest in a 1Password integration with Firefox Relay. We've seen some interest from other customers and I've included a +1 for you in this feature request we're tracking so the team is aware. 👍

    ref: IDEA-I-233

  • malacay1462
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    Would love to see support for Firefox Relay in 1Password!

  • Thanks, @malacay1462. I've added a +1 for you as well!

    ref: IDEA-I-233

  • AnonymousHero
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    Firefox Relay is even more attractive now with its masked phone number feature.

  • Hello @AnonymousHero,

    Thanks for passing along these details. I've cast a for vote on your behalf! 👍

    ref: IDEA-I-233

  • tmakaro
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    Yes, please support Firefox relay! I don't want to migrate my email domain to fastmail.

  • TaylorD1P
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    Hi @tmakaro

    I have added your +1 to the request.

    Thank you for your patience,

  • darkmar
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    Would +1 this request. As someone migrating from LastPass after more than 10 years, this feature made me go back and forth. The 1password ease of use over Bitwarden won out for the family. If it was just me then this would have been the feature that would have made the decision for bitwarden over 1password

  • Hello @darkmar,

    Thanks for your request and using 1Password. I understand that the ease of use for your family has brought 1Password to the top of the list for you. I've noted your feedback about missing this functionality in 1Password and have sent your comments along to the Product team for consideration.

    Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns. We're always here to help!

    ref: 29960200

  • iCraftCode
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    I am a long-term paying 1Password customer for several years. However, being locked into 1 email vendor (in this case Fastmail) while other password managers like Bitwarden support many vendors for email aliases is a bit frustrating. I almost switched to Bitwarden today for only that reason. I am a Fastmail user too, but I do like to have several options. I hope that 1Password will implement this functionality (which shouldn't be too difficult since the developers can probably use much of the same code base) soon.

  • Hello @iCraftCode,

    Thanks for your +1 and request for Firefox Relay Integration with 1Password. I've included your details in the Insight we're tracking with the Product team.

    ref: 29960200

  • iCraftCode
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    Thank you @ag_mike_d!

  • Hi @iCraftCode! On behalf of my colleague Mike, you're very welcome, and thanks again for your feedback. If you have any further questions or concerns, let us know!😄

  • n30e7qjog
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    This would be an awesome feature especially since Firefox Relay already provides an API!

  • Hi @n30e7qjog, thanks for letting us know that you'd love to see this feature 😄 I've gone ahead and filed your feedback with our product team as well.

    ref: 32611894

  • clamb3r
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    Another +1 from me.

    I was excited about the initial Fastmail announcement, until I realised it involved managing an entirely separate email inbox. The alias approach of Relay is more useful for me personally and I think usage will increase over time with additions like SMS/phone masking too.

  • Hi @clamb3r, thanks for adding your +1 here 😄 I can definitely understand how Relay could be more useful for you, and I've filed your feedback with our Product team as well.

    ref: 33085242

  • alistair3149
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    Another +1 as well.

    I really like using Relay to create alias for email and phone number. It would be great if there are some kind of integration with 1Password

  • AliH1P
    edited September 19

    Hey @alistair3149, thanks for the +1. I've gone ahead and passed your request along to our Product team 👍