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Hi 1Password!

When I was testing out Password Managers, before i picked 1Password ;), i tried one(i don't remember the name) where you could add a 'Protected Text'-field that allows formatting with line breaks etc. just like your text field, but it is covered(shown as dots) like the password field when it has not been revealed.

A reason for this feature is some note or other text that you don't want people looking over your shoulder to see, when using the 1password application.
My use case is OTP recovery codes, sometimes you get up to 20 or so recovery codes that you have to save, when you register an OTP-authenticator. I feel like I want them covered unless i explicitly need to read them. Right now I use a password-field to store these, but it becomes awkward, when you have to copy a single code from the bunch.

The feature could also be used to write down your secret recipe for brisket, or like i said, anything that you don't want people to easily see when opening the record in the application.

It would look something like this:

Very happy with your product so far.

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  • Hey there @Cernott

    I've passed this idea along to our product team for them to consider. Thanks so much for your suggestion! :)

    — Grey

    ref: IDEA-I-302

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