How do I merge duplicate entries in 1Password?

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All i see is old entries that are "This discussion has been closed"
Yet another person asking for the option to "merge duplicate entries"
I see a lot of people asking for this... and its been years, Sorry If i missed something.. but I don't see an option.
Just a basic function would do..
Select which entry is the main user/password.. then select others to copy their weblogin address from. DONE!
I Know, I Know.. its not that simple... But I think its a useful feature that a lot of people are asking.

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  • ag_mike_dag_mike_d

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    Good afternoon @mav,

    Thanks for writing in. The ability to merge duplicate items is not something that is currently available.

    While you are correct that it's not that simple, many agree that someway to help manage duplicate entries this would be a very useful feature and something the product team would like to explore more in the future. I've included a +1 for you in the feature request that we currently have open.

    We appreciate your feedback!

    ref: IDEA-I-615

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