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lets say one day some hacker deletes all 1Password servers and backups. Or asteroid hits datacenter or something...
Bottom line: 1Password cloud is toast.

What is the best way to ensure I still have access to all my passwords?
I can think only of manual export? But that's unencrypted and manual... I don't think it's save to keep unencrypted list of all my passwords.
There is also local cache... But cache is definitely not backup. Who knows when cache is purged and data gone.
Any ideas?

Do you plan some local backup feature that ensures our passwords remain locally accessible even if your cloud totally fails?


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  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

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    Hi @oschif

    The local copy on your devices will stay there unless you manually deleted them, or deliberately signed out of your 1Password account.

    It's the same as being offline for any other reason. It's extremely unlikely that 1Password will ever be taken offline by an attack (and we have $1 million USD that says you can't!). But if something happened temporarily because of something outside of our control, everything would remain on your devices just as it is now, although new changes wouldn't sync anywhere. You'd still be able to export your data from 1Password on your computer if you wanted, but it's not going anywhere without your say-so.

    Hope that helps clarify things! :)

    — Grey

  • RSpornRSporn
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    Dear Grey,
    I am looking for a better way to store and use my password and critical data than i have now that is why I am currently signed up on the 14-day Trial of 1Password and came upon this comment with some interest.

    I currently keep all my Password and other data on a spread sheet which lives on an SSD thumb drive. I also have 2 back-up thumb drives of which get updated once every 2 to 3 weeks. I store them in separate secure locations.

    It is reassuring you have such confidence in the protections 1Password has in place to ensure our data is protected 24/7. In my mind there are 2 separate concerns in the above question. First is "Hacker deletion". I am confident that your defense against this is more than adequate and i would not be concerned but, the second question, "asteroid hits datacenter or something...." is a legitimate concern in my mind as i live in on the coast in hurricane country (Houston) and we have seen firsthand the long-term damage it can do to a business's data center. Our company went to the extreme as to create a mirrored back-up data center in Dallas.to protect against such an event but, I do understand that most businesses are now on the "Cloud" but the cloud is still made-up of data centers that span multiple servers (sometimes in multiple locations), and the physical environment is typically owned and managed by a hosting company. (Are they asteroid or something proof...)

    So, if i understand your response correctly, all the data we see on our local device's (Computers, Phones) physically lives as a copy on those devices and as long as we stay "logged in", we will still be able to see and use the password data we have on 1Password (when the asteroid hits datacenter or something.... As long as we don't log out) correct?

    Is there a way to download a physical copy of this data to an SSD (for those of us that have fears of asteroid or something...happening?

    R Sporn

  • EkalbEkalb
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    edited September 24

    Your data is already on your computer in C:\Users\SessionName\AppData\Local\1Password\1password.sqlite
    @Grey1MP wrote: "The local copy on your devices will stay there unless you manually deleted them, or deliberately signed out of your 1Password account."
    This is why you have access to your data even without an Internet connection.

  • oschifoschif
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    Thanks Ekalb,
    this is very good to know.
    So if I backup C:\Users\SessionName\AppData\Local\1Password\1password.sqlite then I am safe even if anything happens to 1Password datacenters or company.

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