Okta Integration using GCP SCIM Bridge

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We have a working SCIM bridge utilising Google Cloud platform. Groups have been selected and synced from this successfully.

Issue we're running into is when setting up the app in Okta. Upon enabling the API, we get the following error when authenticating:

_**Error authenticating: No results for users returned. **_

Not sure within the configuration, we might have made a mistake. Have followed the instructions and added /scim to the end of the base url as suggested within the 1Password community.

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  • hemal.g_1p
    edited September 2022

    Hi @coreytsd ,

    Happy to know you manage to setup Scim integration with GCP.

    Regarding Okta, can you confirm about Base URL and API token ?
    Base URL should be the Scim-bridge address i.e. your deployed bridge URL and API token should be the Bearer Token you use for Scim-bridge authentication.

  • coreytsd
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    Thanks so much @hemal.g_1p. I can confirm we've used the url for the scim bridge (with and without the /scim on the end) as well as the bearer token. I have tested the bearer token to log into the scim bridge to verify it is the correct token.

  • @coreytsd ,

    As you confirm the details are correct , I recommend to create a support request if you prefer to share the logs with our support team via email.
    That will definitely help to resolve your problem.

  • coreytsd
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    Have reached out to support thank you for your assistance.

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