CLI suddenly saids "Your Secret Key has changed. You must enter your new Secret Key to sign in."

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Seems similar to this but more complicated. Not me but when my colleague executed .\op.exe signin it resulted the following.

PS > .\op.exe signin
Enter the password for [email protected] at
Your Secret Key has changed. You must enter your new Secret Key to sign in.
Enter the Secret Key for [email protected] at
[ERROR] 2022/09/21 19:40:40 Incorrect Secret Key

Please note that;

  • Secret Key is not changed
  • it's not my colleague's first time to run such command, so the issue happened suddenly
  • the issue doesn't happen on my environment; same Windows OS

What's the cause and solution?


  • andi.t_1Pandi.t_1P

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    Hi @takuyahara , could you double check that your signing address is correct (both [email protected] and Your error might be caused by the fact that the secret key you are providing does not correspond to the account you are trying to sign into. Let me know if this double checking found any inconsistencies and resolved your issue.

    All the best,

  • takuyaharatakuyahara
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    Hi @andi.t_1P , yes signing address is certainly correct and the issue persists. I wonder why CLI says that secret key has changed despite command is ran as before and environment has not changed.

  • takuyaharatakuyahara
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    edited October 4

    Any update @andi.t_1P or somebody else?

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