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How to use a category such as Software License that needs the functionality of "Login"

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I'm new to 1Password and wonder what I am missing. If you want to create an entry for a software license (eg Office365) that has a login and use the category "Software License", the entry won't auto-populate a webpage if you want to access your account for the software. So I have created a tag called Software License for the Login category so that I can easily filter for licenses and I'm just adding the additional details to the notes field. Is there a better way to handle this. I am also using a tag to indicate which credit card I have used for logins that have payment info so that I can easily see which entries have to be updated if a credit card is compromised - again is there a better way to manage this? Thanks!

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  • GreyM1PGreyM1P

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    Hi @LizE

    You might want to make a Login item for signing into Microsoft 365, and a Software License which contains the details about your subscription, and link the two together.

    Link related items in 1Password

    That way, you can use the Login in the browser, and jump between the two items when necessary.

    ℹ️ Links are one-way, so you'll need to link the Login to the Software License, and the Software License to the Login if you want to be able to go in either direction.

    See how that works for you and if you need any help, let me know :)

    — Grey

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