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Will 1password be supporting apple’s new Passkeys?


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    Hey there @halhack

    You betcha we will! 😁 Apple are only one member of the larger FIDO Alliance who are responsible for setting the standards for passkeys, and a number of big players in the tech industry are working on them together, including Google and Microsoft.

    Passkeys are an open standard, rather than any one company's product, just like passwords, and I expect the word "passkey" will gradually replace "password" in everyday language over time.

    We joined the FIDO Alliance back in July 2022 to add our customers' voice to the conversation, and to be at the forefront of passkeys' development. There's a blog post about this here, written by our CEO Jeff Shiner, which you might find interesting:

    We’ve joined the FIDO Alliance to build a better future for authentication

    There's also a sneak peek of how we see passkeys working with 1Password in the near future in a video. 👀

    Just because passwords will be (gradually) going away, that doesn't mean 1Password will be too. If anything, we'll be needed more than ever, because you'll need somewhere to put your passkeys! As more and more websites start using them, managing them (like you do now with passwords) will just be another thing that 1Password can do.

    Please let me know if you have any questions, or would like any further help. :)

    — Grey

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