Any way to export a single vault (private) and/or only passwords with a specific tag

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Hello all, I'm hoping to find out if i can export all passwords from a single vault (versus an export of ALL passwords in their entirety) OR if its possible to export all passwords tagged with a specific tag (ex: private)

using the 1password desktop app for macos, latest version, but open to any solutions (like a CLI solution or otherwise)


1Password Version: 8.9.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macos 12.6
Browser:_ Not Provided


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    The only way to retrieve just the data from a single vault in an account is via the CLI. Any export currently includes all vaults in an account.

    I read in a post last night that the 1Password folks are working on making this better, but there is no time frame yet.

  • andi.t_1Pandi.t_1P

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    Hi @lifostack , thanks for reaching out, we are always happy to see interest in the CLI solutions! Once you have installed 1Password CLI, you could get data from the private vault by executing op item list --vault Private. If you are interested in 'passwords' only you could retrieve a CSV list of the username, and password for all logins in the Private vault as such op item list --categories Login --vault Private --format json | op item get - --fields label=username,label=password.

    Hope this suits your needs,

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