Feature request: add --fields flag to "op item create"

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When I create an item with op item create --generate-password, I would like to get the generated password.

op item get has --fields flags to select the output, but op item create doesn't.

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    Hi @cliKing , thanks for your message! op item create allows for adding custom field assignments using the following syntax:

    op item create --category=login --title='My Example Item' --vault='Test' \
            --url https://www.acme.com/login \
            --generate-password=20,letters,digits \
            [email protected] \
            'Test Field 1=my test secret' \
            'Test Section 1.Test Field2[text]=Jane Doe' \
            'Test Section 1.Test Field3[date]=1995-02-23' \
            'Test Section 2.Test Field4[text]='$myNotes

    When running op item create --category login --title 'myLogin' --generate-password a 32-length random password will be generated and assigned to the password field specifically. In order to get the password you would then need to run op read op://Private/myLogin/password.

    Hope this helps,

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