request: remember application approval for SSH agent

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my intelliJ app has Git Toolbox plugin which checks git via SSH every 10 minutes. Due to this, I continuously get 1Password 8 on macOS asking if I want to allow this PHPStorm to access the SSH key.
Can you please add an option to remember the setting? Otherwise I need to revert moving to the 1password 8 SSH agent.

1Password Version: 8.9.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS
Browser:_ Not Provided


  • wiredhost
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    @floris_1P hopefully you can help?

  • floris_1P
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    That doesn't sound right! So are you getting prompted on every single Git fetch? Without 1Password locking in the mean time? If so, it would be helpful if you could collect and submit your SSH agent diagnostics, as described here. And also include your PhpStorm version number.

    You should only be prompted once here, until 1Password locks.

  • wiredhost
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    it would be helpful if you could collect and submit your SSH agent diagnostics

    Sorry, i'm unable to provide this.

    i'm constantly locking my computer when i leave it (coffee / bathroom / phone call). So having to confirm phpStorm / webStorm access to the SSH key again is terribly annoying.
    Also, when i'm watching a movie, 1password's prompt is popping up for phpStorm over the movie - and for some reason not just once. It happened 3+ times (may have been different keys).

    Overall, good thought having SSH keys in 1password: but real world, the prompts are overboard. As @sitepodmatt mentioned: the request should be once per app, and it's set for that app.

    I can't recommend my company turn this on until it's matured, and i've turned it off now and gone back to the files.

  • At the moment, we don’t have a way to authorize an application “for life.” However there are settings to adjust the frequency.

    Under Preferences -> Developer, you could set it to remember an application until it or 1Password quits.

    Note that a newly started application will always ask to authorize.

    Under Preferences -> Security -> Auto-lock, you can find 1Password lock settings.

    As for the prompts interrupting you, we have something coming soon to help alleviate that!

    I’d love to get your feedback on how it feels with these settings changed!

  • wiredhost
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    I tried those changes, and I was still getting prompted multiple times a day (i.e. every time I unlocked my machine). It was also annoying when I was writing something, and the prompt would take over my screen's focus.
    I then turned it off.

  • Hi @sitepodmatt:

    Thanks for your feedback on this. While I can't promise anything specifically, I'll share your thoughts with the team.


  • hughbiquitous
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    Following. I'm experiencing the same thing but so far I haven't been able to nail down which locking event is messing up my expectations -- still working on that though. I'm hoping to have a situation where I can grant access to the SSH key once every 12 hours (or sooner if I restart IntelliJ).

  • Hi @hughbiquitous:

    While I can't share any specifics, we are working on making some improvements to this. Stay tuned.


  • We have made a bunch of improvements in this area. Prompts from background apps are now being silenced automatically to avoid unexpected interruptions, and you there's now a authorization model you can choose that's closer to the OpenSSH agent model.

  • truecarry
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    I'm facing similar but opposite issue. Whenever I'm doing git fetch/push through vscode or Github Desktop, 1Password just silently shows red circle on tray icon(Windows). To sign commit I need to click tray icon, click on 'SSH Request waiting approval', and do it again right after to sign commit with my key. I guess github/vscode spawns new instances of git, so it triggers new confirmations. It would be great to atleast have some approval screens in that case, instead of hunting tray icon. Ideally 1Password should somehow understand that requests comes from same source and was authorized already.

  • @truecarry Which version of 1Password for Windows are you using? We've recently made some improvements in this area.

  • dabe
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    I'm also experiencing the behavior mentioned in the original post. I have "Remember key approval" set to 4 hours, but every time I make a git commit, I have to type in my password to use the GPG signing key, and every time I fetch/pull/push, I have to type in my password to use the GitHub auth key (all of these happening within ~10 minutes of each other).

    Using 1Password for Linux 8.10.13 (81013005)

    To note, I often experienced the same problem as @truecarry , but I haven't used Windows in a while, so I assume that's better.

  • ricombination
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    Same here ... I have to unlock 1Password to push to github and when I deploy just a few seconds later (through ssh / php deployer), the terminal asks for my SSH key password. Then I have to Control+C the command in the terminal, open and unlock 1Password, start the deployment again and authorise it when the modal from 1Password pops up.

    MacOS 13.5.1, PhpStorm 2023.1, 1Password for Mac 8.10.16 (81016015)