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I see that customizable categories has been requested as far back as 2013. Guys, it's 2022! It's been 9 years! You just introduced 1Password 8, and I still don't see it.
This would definitely be a spectacular addition to your already great set of applications.

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  • Hello @Nialan! 👋

    Custom categories are definitely an often requested feature and our product team is looking into it. I've added your request to our internal tracking item for the feature.

    I myself use Secure Notes to keep track of things like recipes or other information that doesn't neatly fit into one of the Categories available in 1Password. Secure Notes are very flexible and you can add custom fields to organize the information that you add. Here's a blog post that explains some of the possibilities:

    Making the most of Secure Notes

    I hope that helps and thank you for the feedback! 🙂

    ref: IDEA-I-374

  • 1Passworder1
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    Hi @Dave_1P . I found an old post from Feb 2021 where the 1Password Alumni has mentioned this -

    we are currently beta testing custom categories in our 1Password Business accounts. Depending on how that test goes, we might decide to extend the feature to other account types ;)

    Is that still planned and any timelines if possible? Or is that plan scrapped?
    Another thread from April 2022. If there's any closed beta for this, I'd love to participate and contribute feedback there. (I already have set "beta" channel for updates in Windows app.)

  • @1Passworder1

    I don't have any timelines to share. We tend to announce new features only after they're developed and available to use in the latest update to the app.

    I'll let the team know that you're eager to see this feature and are open to beta testing it if it does become available in the future. If you have a 1Password Business account then I'd encourage you to reach out to your account manager or our business team at to discuss this in more detail.


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