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Hi 1Password,
I am using a security key (yubikey for instance) as 2FA for my 1P account. what about having the option of using a key to access the app on Windows, iOS or others?
I would love to have this option to either launch the app or as 2FA. Especially on mobile device. risk of being stolen or mugged is there. Using a key will greatly improve security.

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  • Hi @caem1pass

    A physical hardware key such as a YubiKey or a Google Titan Key doesn't have enough key material onboard to be able to decrypt your 1Password vaults. Because we can't add anything to that key, such as your Secret Key or account password, 1Password would never have enough to be able to "assemble" the Account Unlock Key, which is what actually encrypts decrypts your data.

    Hardware keys like this are for authentication (proving that you are who you say you are), rather than for cryptography. For that reason, you can use them to turn on two-factor authentication for your 1Password account, meaning that only you can access your encrypted data. When it comes to decrypting your data, 1Password needs to know your Secret Key (which is saved securely within the app) and your account password, which you provide, so that it can derive the Account Unlock Key.

    Biometric technologies like Face ID, Touch ID, or Windows Hello, among others, can be used to decrypt your data because we're able to safely add a secret to them which will then be checked when you unlock.

    If you have any questions, please do let me know. :)

    — Grey

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