Make server logins behave more like regular logins

I manage several servers and server-like NASes for work and home, and I'm annoyed that these items in 1password don't behave more like regular logins. Many server and NAS OSes, including Synology's DiskStation series, offer a full-functioned GUI through a browser interface. And even though on the 1Password side, I can create 'username', 'password', and 'url' objects in the Server item, they don't auto-populate like a regular web form.

There seems to be no technical reason for this, other than an arbitrary decision to not allow the browser plugin to recognize URLs for Server items. Please change this. It's not just a matter of less technically-inclined family members get intimated by the thought of having to look through the 'Server' category in 1Password...I would like for them to be able to log in using the same workflow as they do for other "websites", versus me having to create and maintain multiple versions of the same logon information.

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