Why a partnership with Debite?

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I just saw on LinkedIn that 1Password has started a partnership with Debite and I was wondering why. What exactly does Debite have to offer? In addition, it is only available to people in the UK.


  • Martijnn
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    Is it perhaps an idea to start a partnership with Wise (formerly TransferWise)? Wise has customers all over the world and you reach many more people with it.

  • Hey there @Martijnn

    We work with a number of partners in different countries, such as Privacy.com, who are available in the US only to allow customers to use Privacy Cards when shopping. We've also partnered with companies like Fastmail, available worldwide, for Masked Email when signing up for new services.

    Our partnership with Debite is UK-only, since they only operate in the UK. Debite is a corporate spending card which can now integrate directly into 1Password – something that business users will hopefully find useful.

    We're looking at new partnerships all the time, and there's a lot of work being done behind the scenes to work with companies making useful things that fit well with 1Password. Some of those will be country- or region-specific due to their nature, or because of regulatory limitations. This is especially true for financial institutions.

    We don't have a "pecking order" for partnerships, so we'll work with companies when we're both ready to integrate, rather than waiting for someone else to come along first. While I can see the value in adding an integration with someone like Wise, we wouldn't want to hold up other projects waiting for that. To be clear: I don't know if or when Wise would be integrated into 1Password – I don't want to give the impression I have anything to announce there. If anything, we'll announce partnerships like that on the 1Password Blog:

    1Password Blog

    I hope that answers your question fully, but please do let me know if I can be of any further help. :)

    — Grey

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