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Login in multiple vaults and 2FA

I have not seen any updates in a while, but it seems 1password still doesn't have the ability to share items across vaults. Is that correct?
Because of this, we have duplicate items in multiple vaults.
I'm concerned that if I set up the item in Vault 1 to have 2FA, that there is no way for the duplicate item in Vault 2 to access it.
Is that the case?
If that's true, is there a better workflow? Is the only way around this to have a vault just for 1 item where everyone who needs it gets added to that vault?

1Password Version: 1345
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  • ScottS1PScottS1P

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    edited September 2022

    Hello @bjakes,

    Thanks for asking about managing items in 1Password. It's my pleasure to discuss this with you today.

    Vaults are used to control access and provide encryption for their contents, so there is no way to have an item exist in more than one vault. Duplicating such an item to be in multiple vaults is possible, but the two items can get out of sync like you noted. In this scenario, I usually find that its best to add another vault, and give everyone who should have access to the item access to that vault.

    Here's a hypothetical example:

    • My team has an accounting department, with access to our Accounting vault.
    • We also have a marketing department, with access to the Marketing vault.

    A new project is starting up that requires the folks in accounting to collaborate with the folks in marketing. Naturally they need to share some very important information, but it can't live in either vault. That would mean one team didn't have access. Giving both teams access to both vaults doesn't work either, since the marketing folks shouldn't have access to banking information and the accounting folks shouldn't be able to sign into the social media accounts.

    The solution for my hypothetical team, and I think for your team @bjakes, is a third vault. Both teams could have access to use it. The very important information can live there, in a single place where any changes to the single item would be propagated to everyone. And it is even better if there are multiple items both groups need to use.

    Check out our guide to Create, share, and manage vaults in your team for more details.

    As teams grow larger, managing multiple vaults and individual team members can become more complex. 1Password business includes access to custom groups, which can simplify the administration of team members and vault access. Let me know if you would like any information on that.

    I hope this information helps. Be sure to let me know if you have any further questions!


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