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We have lots (and lots) of vaults and use both vault name prefixes and vault icons to make these sort nicely and visually easier to use for auditing and general management purposes. At the moment I have to upload the icon from my computer, and if I am using the CLI to create vaults I have to go into the web app afterwards and update the vault icon. This is not mission critical of course but would be a great quality of life improvement and a moderate time saver for me and my admins.

My requests are:
1. A feature where you can upload vault icons and have them available alongside the pre existing icons to assign to a vault.
2. These icons would also be available to assign to vaults via the CLI.

I realise this is unlikely to be a big priority but I figured that it doesn't hurt to ask.

Thank you

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  • ag_max
    edited October 2022

    Hi @NicoleatPathify, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.👋

    These are excellent requests and I've passed them both on to our product team for consideration. I can definitely see the benefits of adding this functionality to the 1Password CLI as well.

    ref: IDEA-I-1976

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