Announcing 1Password for Apple Watch ⌚️ [beta]

edited October 2022 in iOS

The 1Password 8 Apple Watch app is now in TestFlight!

While our Apple Watch app wasn’t quite ready when we launched 1Password 8 for iOS, we’re excited to announce you can now try it out in the TestFlight beta!

We’ve also rebuilt the Apple Watch app to take full advantage of watchOS’ evolving capabilities. One of the standout benefits of the new Watch experience is its ability to show tiny, helpful widgets – right on your watch face – otherwise known as “complications.” Configure these for quick access to nearly any kind of information from your 1Password account, like booking codes, two-factor authentication codes, and more. Also curate a list of selected items to view on your Watch, including their custom fields and custom icons. Even view these items in Large type.

We’d love for you try it out and let us know what you think! Your insights will be immensely helpful in getting us to our full release with a better than ever 1Password Apple Watch app.

P.S. Interested in the watch face in my screenshot above? You can use it too!

  • Save this image to your iPhone
  • Open it in Photos, tap Share
  • Scroll down and choose “Create Watch Face”
  • Choose the “Photos” watch face
  • Use the color options to further customize the look if you wish to
  • Don't forget to add a complication from 1Password!
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