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I have a set of logins that do not show up as suggestions when their sites match a subdomain.
You can see in the screenshot that I can search for a login with the website:

However, it does not show up automatically when I'm on the site:

Even though they differ only in their subdomain. Other sites seem to match correctly across subdomains. Is there something I should be doing differently?


  • ajahnajahn
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    Subdomain support has been talked about here since 2013. Is this support something that is being worked on? We use SSO at work and there are many URLs that get matched because they use the same domain name. (Sorry to hijack your post, cspeper) :-)

  • kirschkirsch
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    This is driving me bonkers. It also doesn't seem from an outsider's point of view as something terribly difficult to implement.

    Any or all of the following would be great:

    • display subdomains in suggestions
    • suggest subdomains first
    • allow us to set a checkbox in the item that says "only match subdomain" or something to that end

    I rely on 1Password to do a lot of development and I have a lot of subdomains with separate logins but different passwords... as I should. 1Password should simplify this best practice. The people most likely to run into this are also most likely to be your power users and most ardent evangelinsts.


  • ajahnajahn
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    @kirsch Yes. Exactly!

  • willbwillb
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    Same problem here. All of our test sites on .cloudways or .wpengine or our own dev server show all of the logins for all the subdomains. we have shared vaults for the team and it lists all of everybodies login. yikes! For our test server thats high tens of logins. horrible. its ok for the first month and steadily becomes totally unworkable as the list builds up.

  • ChrisC1PChrisC1P

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    @cspeper @ajahn @kirsh @willb

    I apologize for the delay in responding and would like to thank you all for your feedback on this matter. We are aware that many of our users would like to have 1Password support advanced matching rules for browser autofill such as matching subdomains. Although I cannot guarantee if or when it will be implemented, we have an internal feature request for this issue that I will gladly add votes to for each of you to increase visibility for our product team.

    Let me know if you have any other questions or feedback, we are always happy to hear how we can improve 1Password. :)

  • elidorelidor
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    That subdomain feature would be helpful for me too. I use different services for a project of mine on several subdomains but i did not implement SSO so every time I want to login to one of them, I have to scroll through a list of 10 or so entries to find the correct login although I tol 1P8 the correct subdomain in the "Website" field.

  • steph.gilessteph.giles

    Team Member

    Hey @elidor,

    Thank you for your feedback, I have added your vote.

    Have a great week!

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