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"Unable to save item" (Fx Nightly 107, 1Password 2.3.8) after partially-successful(?) login

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Upon attempting to use 1Password in the browser, I was asked to sign in via the app.

My password was... quasi-accepted? The extension itself seemed to function correctly, and I had access to all my existing data; but I was also given a new tab to sign in with at https://<REDACTED>.1password.com/signin/?a=<REDACTED> (I didn't), and could not create an item for a new site. Attempting to do so produced the message "Unable to save item."

I've captured console logs for the extension for that session, and will be linking to them via BitBot shortly (assuming I understand the mechanism).


  • selenographyselenography
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    ... apparently I do not understand the mechanism! The log has been sent to [email protected], sometime between the timestamp on my previous message and the timestamp on this one; while I did receive an automated reply, it didn't have a reference number in it.

    (Well, I suppose it was worth trying...)

  • ScottS1PScottS1P

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    Hi @selenography,

    Thanks for sending the email to our support team. I've located your ticket and will reply to you by email. Please be on the lookout for that.

    Thank you,

    ref: Zendesk-75212

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