Request: Ability To View Document Previews In Landscape On iPhones (Also: Quick Bug Report)

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I’m enjoying 1Password 8, as well as the new watch app, and I look forward to the continued improvements. My request is for the ability to display document (or photo or pdf) previews in landscape mode.

Also, quick “bug” report: When iOS text size (or per-app setting) is set to larger text, the “Share My Score” button on the main watchtower screen cuts off the full text, so it looks something like “Share My Sco…”, and there appears to be enough space. The second glitch is the “All Categories” button that allows you to expand a drop-down menu of the various categories. It says “All Categori…”, but there’s enough space to expand.



  • @nimvio

    Perhaps it's a device thing. What phone are you using? I am on a 14 Pro. To try to replicate I increased my text size to the max. I do not have any additional items enabled such as bold text. I was unable to reproduce your experience in either area. Can you share more details? Maybe I am overlooking something.

    I've got that feature request in for you too.

    It could also be I am on our internal nightly. We have some improvements that I hope will be headed out soon. Some of those are regarding text sizing to resolve another bug. Let me switch back to the stable and see if I can reproduce. Be back with you soon. Don't go away. 😆

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    Nope, sorry no luck. Back to my original question. What device are you using?

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