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When setting up One-Time Password to accounts, they will often/always give you a number of recover codes to store. 1Password currently have no easy way to add these.

  • You can paste them into a Text-field, but this is unprotected and shows up in clear text.
  • You can paste them into a Password-field, this is protected, but the codes are squished into a single line of text which is difficult to use and copied "all at once"
  • You can "Attach a file", but this requires first creating a file locally, paste the recovery codes into that file, and then attaching that file to the account in 1Password. And using the recover code is equally awkward, requiring you to download that file, find it on your device, open it manually, and require to delete it.

Please add a way to add secure blobs of text that are easy to paste into 1Password, and easy to view and copy particular values from.

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  • ag_tommy
    edited October 2022


    Those are some excellent points. We have a feature request to tackle this very problem. I'll add your voice to it. I don't have an idea on when or if it will happen but we're both in there. 😁 Not that my vote carries extra weight.

    ref: IDEA-I-302

  • svish
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    @ag_tommy Good to hear! Is there anywhere me as a curious software developer myself see a roadmap for 1Password and/or view/subscribe to a changelog of some sort of 1Password?

  • @svish

    Sorry, no! It's an internal database.

  • mfisher911
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    @svish Is there a more formal way to do feature suggestion upvotes than tagging you and saying "yes please"? :)

  • Ben

    svish is a customer, not an employee, so tagging them won't be productive. 😄 Posting here is the formal way to voice your opinion. 👍️ 1Password employees monitor this forum and record input from customers for our product team to review. Feature implementation isn't determined democratically, though the volume of customer demand is certainly a top factor in determining where our priorities should be.


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