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How is SSH Agent is better than iCloud symlink?

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I used to use 1Password a couple of years ago, up until I just started using Keychain.

When I discovered SSH Agent, I decided to resub and try it. Before that, I used to keep all the keys in a folder on iCloud and have it symlinked to "~/.ssh". This way all the keys and config files are always synced.

Now SSH Agent is very nice in that it stored the private keys. But it also requires me to have a "~/.ssh/config" file along with public keys in the "~/.ssh" folder to avoid too many retries errors.

So now I still have to manage "~/.ssh" folder and its contents.

How is it better? Or did I miss something?

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  • tred27tred27
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    You don't need to keep and manage ssh keys anymore, what's better, one line in .ssh/config or managing private data? At most, you'll need to download your public key from 1pass and reference it in the config if for some reason things not just work.

    Plus, you can generate an autofill ssh keys, and they'll sync with all your devices.

  • elamanelaman
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    edited October 2022

    @tred27 that is what I considered very appealing. My issue is that I have collected over a hundred ssh keys as a web developer. The customer server almost always limits authentication tries, so I have to specify public keys in the config file.

    So currently my config like looks exactly the same as before 1password, but instead of private keys, I store public keys in the ~/.ssh folder. And I still need to sync that folder to iCloud, because I have a desktop and a laptop to sync between.

    Having 1Password filling in SSH keys in the browser is useful for GitHub, GitLab, bitbucket, and a couple of self-hosted git repos. And even then only once. :)

    I'm trying hard to understand, does 1Password have something that avoids me from dealing with the ~/.ssh folder and I'm missing it?

  • tred27tred27
    Community Member

    No, not really, you'll still need to manage some things in the ssh folder, would be awesome if 1Pass could figure out something to send certain identities to certain servers and let that be configured in 1pass to avoid having the config file.

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